"When you need a job done with attention to detail Watson Services really cannot be beat. A job is not just done but done well. Often you will find services that do not care about making a mess and leaving it or finding loose nails or screws in areas that could injure you. Watson Services never left a mess and everything was always done as though it was their personal property. So careful, courteous and professional was our experience that we won't go with anyone else.

Watson Services go above and beyond. Thank you for your meticulous attention to detail. Amazing.
It always so refreshing to meet someone this talented and dedicated to excellent craftsmanship! incredible service.
Couldn't have done it without you!"
Dr Heather J. - Ann Arbor, MI & Oakland, CA.

Watson Services was the best!! To start - I am a very picky person to be honest. I had a house in Michigan that I rented out. The renters moved out and the place was beyond destroyed. There was kitchen cabinet doors that the renters could not find, just an example of how bad it was. It was heartbreaking to say the least. I live in another state now, about 10 hours away. For the repair work I needed someone onsite that I trusted. He was referred to me by a very good friend of mine and I could not have been happier. I had to "oversee" everything remotely for the most part. He sent me photos and video everyday he was on the job, then we would talk every night on my schedule about everything. He was amazing. He also had to deal with a ton of things about the house in general but, he made all work. He fixed windows, doors, flooring, plumbing, etc.. that all were a little challenging in their own way by nature of the house construction. I had been through about 6 contractors before him and because I was not there the others took advantage of the situation and I was out of a ton of $ as a result. He kept me in loop about every single thing. He is a person who truly cares about you, the job and does amazingly good work. I own 5 houses at the moment and deal with a lot of contractors. Watson Services is always my first choice!

Erin W. - Blue Ridge Mountains, Virgina, Space Coast, Florida, & sometimes somewhere classified...!?

Robin took excellent care of my brother, Professor Ed Voss's properties in Ann Arbor and in Mackinaw City for over 13 years. When Ed passed away with me being elderly and out of state, Robin took care of everything from cleaning out Ed's 40 year hoard, to refurbishing and remodelling the Ann Arbor property and all aspects of its eventual sale.

Eleanor H. - Dayton, OH.